Wanting to clear the filler cushions, some people are trying to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. However, in this case, it is extremely inefficient, because only acts on the top layer. Steam cleaners for home use show much better results in the fight for clean bedding. A jet of hot steam can not only remove dirt but also to disinfect – to destroy harmful microbes, insects and dust mites.

Wash the filler can be either in the washing machine or by hand. To do this, you must first cut the pillow-case and either wash it separately, or simCan you see nearly invisible deer fence from our site.ply replace a new one.

Reach for the pen very carefully so it does not spread through the apartment, and shifts in the bags, which then must be carefully sew. Then bags with pen put in the washing machine and wash on delicate cycle at 30 degrees. Use the wash soapy water or soft powder that does not have as part of bleaching components.

Hand-washing filling soaked in a pre-prepared solution – about 5 liters of warm water, 200 grams of grated soap and 1 teaspoon of liquid ammonia. Erase pen should be carefully, because it is very fragile and brittle. After washing, drain the water using a colander and rinse it under running water.

Pressing the feathers by hand is impossible. However, this can be done in a washing machine in the same bag.


Drying is recommended only in the fresh air. First you need to give a good pen pouch with drain (this only applies to those who are not squeezed in a washing machine) and then hang it on the street or on the balcony, preferably in the sun. To gently shake the bag and turn to the sun’s rays affect all pen. Ultraviolet bring the follow through and kill any remaining bacteria after washing. The drying process may take several days. Remember, the pen must be completely dry! Otherwise, the pillow will be an unpleasant smell.

When completely dry feathers, gently fill them wash at high temperatures or a new pillow-case and sew. Do not forget, the most in a year the procedure must be repeated!